Research and Innovation Center

Greentech Center of Research and Innovation

Greentech Center of Research and Innovation has been conceptualized for creating a research and innovation eco system linking all the stake holders in the agro and food value chain:

  • Agriculture & Farmers
  • Agriculture & Farmers
  • Processors
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Agro Logistics

Research & Innovation is important

  • Crucial to survival
  • Fast changing environment
  • Continuous technology change
  • Competition
  • Changing consumer preferences
  • Fundamental to “marketing”
  • Advantage is markets come from:
  • - Understanding what markets need (MR)
  • - In case of technology –selling what is possible to make
  • - Efficient production processes

The center will broadly work to support farm gate processing, small food processors, startups, collaborative research, developing entrepreneurship and skills for the sector

Some of the Aims of the center are:

To create new products, processes, packaging, logistics, various economic and optimized value addition from famers to fork:

Reduce costs (lower prices)

Enhance sensory properties (more attractive)

Improve Nutritional value (dietary needs)

Improve food safety

Add convenience

Increase the shelf life,

Attractive, healthy packaging

Skill development

IPR and trade mark

Developing viable commercial technology

Technology tie ups

Through creation of research and innovation center focusing on:

  • Product, Process, development
  • New technologies
  • Understanding of technologies in existing products
  • Technologies in manufacturing
  • Application of knowledge for commercial purpose

The Greentech Mega Food Park will change the entire food value chain in the state of Rajasthan, once it is fully operational, there will be need to support the innovation, technology, processing and packaging development on continuous basis for the existing and new entrants, startups in agro and food processing sector.

The Center will help individuals, small businesses, large established players in agro and food processing sector that wish to develop their ideas and products for food and drink but don’t have all the necessary research facilities. The facilities can be used to make batches of product for market testing, to scale up from the kitchen to pilot scale or to try equipment before making a purchase. Experience is also on hand to enable users to get the best out of their time.

The Center will later on attract visitors, coming to explore viable agro and food processing business, will be given all solutions to their idea to launch needs through in-house expertise or through collaboration with leading research institutions.

  • Emergence of biotechnology & nanotechnology
  • Emergence of new scientific development
  • Strengthening of intellectual property rights (IPR) over innovations (patents, trade mark protection)
  • Global market expansion for improved agricultural and food products
  • Consumer demands for more diverse kinds of food products

The center already established has following broad components sections:

  • Research Center
  • Start Up and Incubation Center
  • Skill Development
  • Farm Gate Processing Technology Demonstration
  • Collaborative Research